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Patient Testimonials:

"I've been doing at home treatments with Dr. Captanis for almost a year now and her ability to safely assess and treat not just symptoms but the underlying causes of those symptoms is mind-blowing.
I was never one to subscribe to chiropractic treatments as I'd heard so many horror stories but took a chance off a recommendation of a friend. I just wanted to take a moment to pass on that recommendation.
The real positive changes in my alignment, posture and overall mobility and wellbeing speaks for itself!" - Jonathan R.

"Words alone can't express how A-mazing Kat is! She is a petite gentle giant that can work miracles!! I was involved in an acccident years ago and she had me feeling better than EVER within 2-3 weeks. I also work in the corporate world which requires much sitting. A tune up quarterly seems to be a must and do the trick!" - Holly J.

"This review is well overdue! Ive been seeing Dr. Kat for chronic pain for over a year now and i couldnt say enough great things about her care. Ive seen relief in my sciatic nerve pains, hand/wrist pains, and shoulder/neck pains from repetitive work motions. Her hands are healing, and she possesses an energy that leaves me feeling lighter both internally and externally after every visit. She is incredibly knowledgable and intuitive to my bodys needs. Do yourself a favor and give her a try, feeling good is truly attainable through her help. Ill be back time and again! Thank you Dr. Kat!" - Mary L.

"I've been seeing Dr. Kat over the past year. From my first treatment she treated me as an athlete and didn't blame my back, shoulder, and knee pain from being overweight but actually addressed them unbiasedly. During her treatments she provides you with absolute undivided attention and care and helps you prevent further and reoccurring pain. She never tried to "sell" me on a maintenance schedule like many chiropractors do and always let me book appointments as needed. She is beyond accommodating and tries to squeeze you in her schedule whether it's at her practice or at the gym. She isn't scared to try new techniques and explains everything she is doing/adjusting during the appointment to make you at ease. Dr Kat has helped me so much this last year in improving my strength and dealing with an ongoing shoulder strain/pain that never seemed to go away. 5/5 recommend her to all family and friends - if you haven't had a chance to book an appointment with her,  do it NOW!" - Sara K. 

"I started seeing Dr. Kat for treatments based off of a very high recommendation and referral. To be honest, I was always skeptical of chiropractic treatments, but she has completely changed my perception towards this type of care. I was involved in a car accident that caused excruciating neck and shoulder pain to the point where I couldn't sleep at night. I worked with Dr. Kat twice a week for several months and she has totally exceeded all expectations! She is exceptional at her craft, and I can't recommend her services enough. You won't be disappointed." - Stephanie G.

"I have been seeing Dr. Kat for over two years at about the same time I began training 6x a week. She has done an amazing job treating my injuries and also helping me prevent some along the way.  In between treatment sessions, Dr. Kat takes the time to follow up to see how I am doing.  She is also available whenever I need treatment and has done some house calls. Would highly recommend her." - Michael P.

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